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Healthy sleep – our mattress is a solution

Do you have a healthy sleep? Invest in a quality mattress !!! action offer -15% extended until 31.7.2013

Do you have a healthy sleep? Invest in a quality mattress !!!

During sleep on a good mattress, one is able to regenerate up to 90% of his physical and mental strength. For a healthy sleep and perfect relaxation, JELÍNEK offers furniture to the customers of the lamella mattresses SÁRA and ZORA.

The flexible orthopedic lamella grid, which is embedded inside the mattress, is strong enough to copy the body shape sensitively and properly support it. The grate can easily be adapted to the user’s weight. In the lateral position, the axis of the spine remains flat while lying on the back in its natural, physiologically curved shape. Not only does muscle relaxation, but also to rest the skeletal structure of the body. Thanks to the release of the intervertebral joints, the ligaments and the pelvis, when sleeping, naturally regenerates the internal organs that have their nerve centers terminated just in these areas.

Nowadays, allergy, eczema and immune deficiency, JELÍNEK is ready to make a mattress so-called “tailor-made” even for the most demanding customer. The user can enter any size of the mattress, choose the material of the individual foam components, and choose from several types of removable covers that allow normal washing.

The quality of lamellar mattresses marketed by JELÍNEK is regularly checked by Czech State Testing Offices. The mattress SARA classics received 6 times the quality mark Czech Made. Since 2006 the SÁRA and ZORA Mattresses have been awarded the prestigious “Czech Quality Furniture” award.