JELÍNEKBlogArchiveGet a mattress that can be restored at any time!

Get a mattress that can be restored at any time!

Invest your money in a mattress that you can easily recover and use after many years of use!


Wearing of the mattress due to its daily use can not be avoided. Common mattresses are said to have a maximum life of about 5-10 years. However, the SARA mattress orthopedic mattress can be easily renewed after 10 years of regular use by changing the springs and enjoying it happily!

Mattress wear, however, may not be the only reason to replace springs. The weight of your body can change significantly within a couple of years of purchasing a mattress, or different locomotor problems can occur that require a completely different mattress hardness. Orthopedic lamella mattress SARA can be softened or reinforced in the shoulder and hip area by replacing the longitudinal core of the mattress with a different stiffness. The hardness of the mattress can be adjusted up to 4 weight categories!

Orthodontic lamella mattress SARA is designed so that all parts can easily be changed and extend the functionality of the mattress for the next long time. JELÍNEK offers replacement of beams within one year of purchase free of charge. Since after many years of use the elasticity of the mattress is reduced, we recommend replacing the springs after 10 years.

Orthopedic lamella mattress SARA gives you a healthy sleep without back pain. This mattress is unique to its flexible lamella grid, which is built inside the mattress. He can fix the shape of the body in any position and properly support it. During sleeping on the orthopedic lamella mattress SÁRA you can perfectly relax and stretch. When lying on your back, your spine will remain in its natural curved shape, and when it is on the side, the axis of the spine will remain straight.

On the lamellar grate of the mattress there is further laid a delivery layer which ensures a uniform distribution of body weight on the mattress. You can individually select the transfer layer according to your own preference. JELÍNEK offers up to 6 types of delivery layers.

At the JELÍNEK orthopedic mattresses, you can also replace the wear-coated cover or the entire delivery layer in addition to spring beams. Thanks to the practical replacement of the individual parts of the mattress, you will be able to use the orthopedic lamella mattress SARA for a very long time. This investment really pays off!