10 principles of healthy sleep


Quality sleep is an important foundation for our energy and good mood throughout the day. It is also very closely related to our good health. So, if you want to feel comfortable while sleeping while relaxing, it is important to follow several principles of healthy sleep.

How to choose a mattress cover?


Nowadays, allergies, eczema and immune debilitation are removable and washable cover for proper bed hygiene indispensable. During sleep, a person sweats 0.5 – 1l of sweat. Salts, greases and other impurities remain in the coating. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the regular hygiene of the coating. All types of mattresses produced by […]

How to choose your mattress


Healthy and comfortable sleep has a very positive impact on our psyche and physical condition. For example, if you have back problems, there is no better investment than buying a new mattress. How to choose the right mattress to really be satisfied with it?

Why buy a mattress protector?


The mattress we sleep on is constantly exposed to various impurities, mites and bacteria. This is especially due to the fact that we sleep during sleep. Pot can deeply get into the mattress and decompose. As a result, unwanted microbes are produced, and the mattress can also start to smell badly ….