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10 principles of healthy sleep


Quality sleep is an important foundation for our energy and good mood throughout the day. It is also very closely related to our good health. So, if you want to feel comfortable while sleeping while relaxing, it is important to follow several principles of healthy sleep.

How to choose a mattress cover?


Nowadays, allergies, eczema and immune debilitation are removable and washable cover for proper bed hygiene indispensable. During sleep, a person sweats 0.5 – 1l of sweat. Salts, greases and other impurities remain in the coating. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the regular hygiene of the coating. All types of mattresses produced by […]

How to soften your bed?


Are you suffering from shoulder or hip pain? Sleeping on too hard a mattress can make these troubles even worse. So be inspired by the following article to learn interesting tips on how to soften your bed!

Comfortable sleep without back pain


Do you wake up in the morning completely without energy and start a new day with a stiff and broken body? The cause of your difficulties may be in the inappropriate mattress you are sleeping on. Too hard or soft mattress can lead to permanent changes and distortions of your spine. So choosing a mattress […]