Prevent back pain with the right mattress and pillow!


Spinal pain is plagued by the majority of our population. Problems with the back most often cause poor lifestyle, overloading back muscles, little movement, long-term stress, and sleeping on an inappropriate bed. For example, if you have a sedentary job, you should balance this lack of exercise with regular exercise. But if you’re going to […]

Which desk is ideal for you?


Dining table is always the heart of every kitchen. Such a table, however, serves not only to consume food but is also an important and centuries-old communicating element. At the table, we meet daily with our closest friends – family, friends or guests to share a pleasant moment ….

How to choose the right bed?


Bed has a very important role in our everyday life. Depending on how well we sleep at night, it’s mostly our day. If we sleep on an inappropriate and uncomfortable bed, this piece of furniture can become a source of our health problems. But if we make the choice of the bed carefully and ingeniously, […]

RACHEL sofa – elegant sofa and comfortable guest bed


The living room is the place where the whole family meets. In addition to peaceful TV watching and relaxing after a busy day, we also organize a visit here, organize small family celebrations and spend the fun moments with our closest friends. Lack of seating in the living room is usually easily solved by settling […]