Living wall ELEN

June 25, 2014

The ELEN living wall is exceptional with its extremely elegant appearance and wide variability. Thanks…

Living wall ELEN

The ELEN living wall is exceptional with its extremely elegant appearance and wide variability. Thanks to the perfect craftsmanship, all parts of the ELEN furniture set fit together, and can therefore be combined together after consultation…

Furniture inspired by the drawing of natural wood
A characteristic feature living room walls ELEN is a simple line based on a natural drawing of solid wood. This very elegant and at the same time original detail is tastefully incorporated into the individual parts of the entire furniture line ELEN.
Build a living wall to your liking!
ELEN living wall each customer can assemble according to their ideas. However, consultation with the manufacturer is required to establish a line for plates and drawer fronts. ELEN living walls are part of practical low chest of drawers with drawerswhich you can tastefully add, for examplehanging shelves. You will also find favorites in our offer librarieswhich are without a door and without a plinth, so you can easily place them on a chest of drawers. You can also have the library built with glass door, thanks to which you will not get dust inside. Part of the ELEN living set is also popular bar lockerwhich can also serve as a great wine shop.
A piece of nature right in your living room
Individual parts living room walls ELEN are made of oak or beech in material thickness 40 and 25 mm. Solid wood in your living room will create the right home atmosphere and enchant you with its natural scent.
The quality of solid wood

Solid wood furniture it has several advantages, including its high durability, longevity and also the fact that it is more beautiful from year to year. Solid wood is constantly working, and thanks to that over time it acquires its unmistakable form. Solid wood furniture is also suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and families with small children.


The care we rely on

Why make us happy

We provide an above-standard 5-year warranty on all furniture and mattresses.

We provide above standard
5 year warranty on all
furniture and mattresses.

We suffer from quality workmanship even in places that are not visible.

On quality workmanship
we suffer even in places
which are not visible.

Even after the end of the warranty, we continue to provide service and will come to you at any time.

Even after the warranty expires
we continue to provide service at any time
we will come to you.

We make furniture from solid wood without toxic substances.

We make furniture
of solid wood
and free of toxic substances.