Which table is perfect for you?

March 12, 2014

The dining table has always been the heart of every kitchen. However, such a table is not only used to consume food, but is also an important and proven communication element for centuries. At the table, we meet daily with our loved ones - family, friends or guests to share pleasant moments.

Which table is perfect for you?

Table material and design

If you have decided to buy a new dining table for your apartment, you are definitely thinking about what it should look like. Except for his color shade, which should fit into the overall tuning of the room, is also an important material from which the table will be made. The most proven variant are tables from solid woodwhich have high durability and long life. 

Shape and size

When selecting size and shape You should pay particular attention to the space available at home. In open spaces, the dining table usually forms a partition between the kitchen area and the living room, or it often also integrates directly into the living area. In smaller and enclosed spaces, the table is most often placed under a window or can be attached to a wall.

When furnishing a dining room, however, you are not limited only by the space we have available, but also number of persons in the household. But you should always choose at least two places for extra seating for potential guests. For a family of four, therefore, the classic one is most suitable rectangular table with six places, each present should have an area 60 cm wide and about 30 cm deep. In case you opted for rounded table, however, you must take into account that a table diameter of 100 cm is only suitable for 3-4 people. The ideal solution is therefore to buy folding round table AMOS, which you can spread out for a visit whenever needed.

Is your dining room small and do you need to comfortably settle a large visit? We can recommend you exclusive folding table DAVIDwhich can be easily unfolded up to a length of 310cm! Up to 12 people can comfortably sit at such a table. After the visit, you can easily fold the table again without interfering. If you have a small child at home and need to avoid sharp edges on the furniture, then it is a great choice oval table ABRAM, which perfectly combines all the requirements for a practical, spacious and safe table. You can also choose this table in several size ranges.
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