How to soften your bed?

March 2, 2015 Healthy sleep

Do you suffer from shoulder or hip pain? Sleeping on too hard a mattress can make these difficulties even more ještě

How to soften your bed?

Do you suffer from shoulder or hip pain? Sleeping on too hard a mattress can make your problems worse. So be inspired by the following article, in which you will learn interesting tips on how to soften your bed!

Too hard a mattress puts unnecessarily high pressure on the hips, elbows and shoulders, and thus not only causes painful deformities of the musculoskeletal system, but also prevents good blood circulation of these parts of the body. A hard mattress can also cause pain in the lower back and neck. As a result, you can wake up often at night, roll over from side to side, and wake up in the morning breaking and without energy.
In the assortment of the JELÍNEK company you will find orthopedic slatted mattresses SARA and ZORA, which are ideal for all people suffering from musculoskeletal pain. The SÁRA and ZORA orthopedic slatted mattresses can very sensitively copy the shape of your body during any position during sleep, and at the same time provide great support for your spine.

TERMOPUR soft spreading layer
The basis of these orthopedic mattresses is built-in lamella grateon which it is placed spreading layer ensuring an even distribution of body weight on the mattress. It is this distribution layer that can be adapted to your personal needs. The JELÍNEK company offers up to 6 types of distribution layersfrom which you can choose yours! If you are interested in a really nice soft bed, we can recommend it inisco-elastic foam TERMOPUR, which is also often referred to as lazy foam. Spreading layer TERMOPUR contains a visco-elastic additive, which guarantees a very pleasant softness of the mattress surface. TERMOPUR foam can adapt very sensitively temperature and body shape. The entire surface of the foam is provided with special ones softening knobswhich ensure perfect softening and aeration. Thanks to this, the mattress is ventilated and does not cause bruises in problem areas. The TERMOPUR spreading layer is especially suitable for sensitive individuals who require a really soft mattress surface.

Mattress stiffness adjustment using interchangeable beams
Orthopedic slatted mattresses SARA and ZORA They also offer the possibility of softening the shoulders and hips, using beam replacementmattress different stiffnessi. Beams are possible replace within 1 year from the purchase of the mattress free of charge. Thanks to this, you will get the opportunity to test how the set stiffness of the mattress suits you.

The mattress protector helps to soften the mattress

It can also help soften your bed mattress protector, which, in addition to protecting the mattress from dirt, makes sleeping on the mattress more comfortable, softens the bed and adds a feeling of warmth. This will be appreciated especially by people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system and need to prevent painful bruises. The mattress protector can be chosen from three designs: cotton, Micro Active, or Aloe Vera. Mattress protector you can at the company JELÍNEK Also let them make a custom made mattress!

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