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How to choose the right mattress?

01. February 2018 How to choose a mattress

The bed is one of the most amazing inventions of all time.
It doesn't matter how much time you spend in bed,…

The bed is one of the most amazing inventions of all time.
It does not matter how much time you spend in bed, but how good the rest you enjoy here will be. It is during sleep that a person is able to regenerate up to 90% of his physical and mental strength. The right choice of mattress has a decisive influence on whether a person wakes up alert and rested. We offer you a healthy sleep and perfect relaxation orthopedic slatted mattresses SARA KLASIK, SARA KOMFORT, SARA MAX and ZORA.

What to think about when choosing a quality mattress?

  • Above all, the mattress should provide a sufficiently large space - we will produce a mattress for you in any size. Round and oblique shapes are also possible. Another important thing is that the bed is long and wide enough - the ideal bed length is at least
    25 cm larger than the height of the figure, the recommended width is 90 cm (for a double bed at least 160 cm).
  • A quality mattress will provide anatomically correct support for the body - especially the orthopedic slatted frame, which is part of our mattress, has become a timeless solution for healthy sleep. The grate can sensitively copy the shape of the body in any position and support it firmly enough, perfectly relax and stretch. If more people relax on one mattress, don't worry, you won't damage the mattress. Since each individual has an individual curvature of the spine, indulge in a longer sleep each on your mattress, which will perfectly support and relax you.
  • Mattress hardness SARA CLASSIC, SARA COMFORT and SARA MAX it is possible to adapt individually to the user's weight - the supporting part of the orthopedic slatted frame, which is inserted inside the mattress, are three foam beams. Depending on the weight of the sleeper, it is possible to insert beams of appropriate stiffness for individual weight categories (up to 60 kg, 60-80 kg, 80 - 110 kg or over 110 kg) into the mattress.
  • The surface softness of orthopedic slatted mattresses is ensured by high-quality foam - our company offers foams in top quality. You can choose quality PUR foam, natural TALALAY LATEX, ecological BIO foam NAWAPUR, extremely breathable CELLPUR foam, visco-elastic lazy foam TERMOPUR or comfortable latex lazy foam EMBRACE.
  • For many customers, the height of the mattress is important. The height of the SÁRA and ZORA mattresses is 15 - 17 cm, depending on the chosen spreading layer. The height of the SÁRA MAX mattress is 20 and 22 cm high, depending on the chosen spreading layer. For customers who require a more comfortable lying position or a higher mattress, we recommend the SÁRA KOMFORT mattress. In this case, SARA KLASIK is supplemented by another 5 cm high layer of ERGOFLEX.
  • You can also choose a cover that will suit you. The construction of the orthopedic slatted mattress provides sufficient space for moisture removal. The perfect hygiene of the mattress is then guaranteed by a removable wash or washable cover. In our offer you will find a cotton cover that can be boiled to 90 ° C, the MICRO ACTIVE and ALOE VERA cover can be washed up to 60 ° C. All types of textile and knit covers are stitched with an anti-allergic layer of hollow fiber. We recommend removing the mattress cover once a year, aerating the mattress and washing the cover. We offer a vapor-permeable, breathable SANAPUR cover for hospitals, hospitals and for individuals who have been bedridden for a long time.
  • The advantage of the orthopedic slatted mattress is its renewable service life. You can buy a new cover, a spreading layer and new foam beams. Within one year of purchasing the mattress, you can use the option of exchanging spring beams for another weight category free of charge. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on wooden slats.
  • The sandwich construction of the mattress core of the DIANA mattress allows the mattress to be used on both sides with the option of choosing a softer and harder side. The basic core can be supplemented with other high-quality foam from our offer, such as TALALAY LATEX, TERMOPUR, NAWAPUR and CELLPUR. We recommend the DIANA sandwich mattress as a cheaper variant of quality sleep in children's rooms and in the DIANA folding bed.
  • For the mattress to function properly, it is important that the mattress lies on a firm and level surface without sharp edges and spikes, for example on a dense slatted frame, board and the like. The mattress should be placed in beds with side panels. We recommend embedding the lying surface approx. 5 cm.

You can find our current offer of mattresses on our website https://www.jelinek.eu/matrace/.

If you are unsure about choosing a mattress or need advice on choosing it, do not hesitate to contact us directly or through contact form.

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We provide above standard
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furniture and mattresses.

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