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How to prevent mites from multiplying in your bed?

01. July 2014 Tips and tricks

Although it may not seem so, every bed can very easily become a refuge for many bacteria and…

How to prevent mites from multiplying in your bed?

While this may not seem like it, each bed can very easily become a refuge for many bacteria and mites. This is mainly due to the fact that these small microorganisms thrive especially in moisture, heat and also where they have enough food in the form of detached scales of human skin. For these reasons, mites are most common in mattresses and bedding….

How do mites affect our health?

Rmites can cause us many unpleasant health problems during sleep. This is especially undesirable allergic manifestationsas rash or atopic eczema. Mites can also significantly worsen the health of people suffering asthma and due to the large onslaught of these allergens can also occur disorders of immunity and feeling of exhaustion.
How to prevent the reproduction of mites in your bed?
To avoid these complications, it is important to get a bed with a slatted frame that will secure yours mattress adequate ventilation and it is also good to change the sheets regularly.
You can also support the hygiene of your bed by purchasing a mattress that is filled breathable materialwhich effectively eliminates the unwanted occurrence of mites inside the mattress. Such mattress the company offers you JELÍNEK. From the wide range, each customer can choose just such a distribution layer of the mattress, which is sufficiently breathable and will suit him.
A great tip is, for example, highly comfortable breathable PUR foam CELLPUR, which is able to absorb moisture, which it then releases more quickly into the environment. This creates a dry and pleasant environment for sleep, which will be appreciated especially by allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
Another indisputable advantage mattresses JELÍNEK they are also their special washable covers. You can choose from the classic 100% cotton coverwhich can only be washed at 90 ° C!
Allergy sufferers and asthmatics will also appreciate the unique technology cover Micro active. This coating consists of three layers to ensure good moisture wicking. GREENFIRST natural treatment is based on the essential oils of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. The coating is characterized by the ability to actively destroy fungi, bacteria and repel mites.

In the fight against mites, a cover with plant extracts is also an effective helper Aloe vera, whose aroma prevents the formation of odors, removes adverse microorganisms and thus provides protection against bacteria and fungi. The cover is characterized by high moisture absorption, is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be washed at temperatures up to 60 ° C.


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