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Beds with storage space

Beds with storage space can offer you not only good rest, but also plenty of storage space for your stuff. Compared with regular bedding, they provide maximum use of omitted space under the bed. In case you are arranging a bedroom of smaller size, or if you have a lack of storage space at home, then the bed with the storage space will be the right solution for you …

Choose from two basic bedding options with storage space. Either you can choose a bed with a tilting grate or a pull-out bed. Both beds offer plenty of storage space – whether it’s storage of seasonal items or bedding.
JELÍNEK produces beds with storage space, which are exceptional with its high quality, functionality and modern design. Beds are perfectly designed to the very last detail and professionally crafted. Beds JELÍNEK are made of solid oak or beech wood.

Bed with a tilting grate
The ROMANCE bedding can be equipped with a large storage space, which can be easily folded at any time and can be used to store bedding, towels or various seasonal items and items.

Likewise, a very elegant ELEN bed can serve you, under which a large storage space is also hidden. You do not have to worry, however, that the storage of your items in the area under the mattress prevents the ventilation of the mattress. The ELEN bed is equipped with special vents, which ensure adequate ventilation of the mattress even when using storage space. You can also swing the bed grille at any time in the case of motor positioning of the grate.
Bed with pull-out drawers
If you think about where to put your duvets, you will surely enjoy the great solution they offer
EVA or REBEKA beds also produced by JELÍNEK. At the bottom of the beds are special pull-out drawers, where you can simply and quickly store your duvets in the morning without having to transport them from one place to another.