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Anatomical pillow HUGO

In order to sleep well in the night, and in the morning we get rid of the headache and cervical spine in addition to the choice of a suitable mattress and an important pillow on which we sleep …If you lie all night on a pillow that does not provide your cervical spine with proper support, it loses even the best orthopedic mattress its meaning. Therefore, you can try out a unique anatomically shaped HUGO pillow that ensures even body weight distribution and sensitively supports your cervical spine. This avoids painful deformation of the cervical spine and in the morning you will feel relaxed and fresh after awakening.
The HUGO pillow can be selected from two variants, whichever suits you best. You can either get it filled with PUR foam with unique surface profiling, or choose the second option where it is filled with a so-called TERMOPUR lazy foam that has a great shape memory and perfectly responds to heat and pressure. Compared to non-adaptive and over-matched pillows, you can adjust the degree of hardness on the HUGO anatomical cushion by inserting different hardness cores (exchangeable cores are part of a pillow).
The HUGO pillow is coated with Aloe Vera medicinal extract, which smells beautifully, neutralizes odor and has regenerative effects. The cushion cover provides high hygienic comfort and is easy to wash up to 60 ° C.


Advantages of the HUGO LUX and HUGO HAPPY pillows
If you need to adjust the height of the pillow for your comfort, we recommend that you obtain a special HUGO LUX anatomical pillow that offers this option. Changing the cushion height can be affected by inserting or removing a 3cm high pad (the pad is part of the cushion). The pillow is made again in the two previous designs – cold PUR foam or Thermopur lazy foam with a washable Aloe Vera coating. The size of these two pillows is 60 x 40cm.
If you prefer smaller pillows, you can choose the HUGO HAPPY anatomical pillow, whose size is 50×32 cm. The HUGO HAPPY pillow offers a choice of stiffness and is available in a Thermopur foam and Aloe Vera coating.