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Hi David,

Both, me and my armchair are happy to inform you that was a love at first sight between us and we are going to have a nice life together :)

Thank you very much!

All the best to you and your team !

Jeldujer Denisia , Bucharest, Romania

I want to thank you for handling my request with the restoration of the Sara mattress. All right, I received your shipment of beams, I exchanged them and I am satisfied. I appreciate your gracious approach to my problem and your recommendations only with the replacement of beams were right and financially also pleasant.
Thank you once again for the favor and wish a lot of satisfied customers.
Žáčková Božena.

Božena Žáčková, Přerov

Congratulations on the important anniversary of your company and also thank you for the quality of your work
employees. We are very satisfied with your furniture and not only we, but also a few of our friends who slept on the product made by your employees, also bought this one. Thanks again.


Hegerovi, Valašské Meziříčí


I am very satisfied with your furniture and recommended it to my acquaintance. Thank you for your quality and good work.
I wish many successes and plenty of satisfied customers!

Best regards!

Alena Mezuláníková, Tišnov

I would like to express my satisfaction with the work of your assemblers, who today completed my bed in Tišnov. Decent, hardworking, they did not leave a mess, they showed me all patiently. The assembly took place very quickly. I send praise.
Please convey the management of the company. As a business owner, I know that good people need to be respected.
Best regards

Mgr. Václav Kovařík

Mgr. Václav Kovařík, Tišnov

Good morning,

We have recieved mattresses from you. They are great and we are very satisfied. All of our beds have your mattresses. :)

Thanks Kohoutová

Dana Kohoutová, Krhanice

Congrats to your new product CANDY, again, quality, design and honest work.
I have bought your sofa NOE and it is perfect. Thank you for your honest work and I wish you a lot of success and satisfied customers.

Alena Mezuláníková, Tišnov

Good evening,

We have had your bedroom for 12 years and we are very satisfied. When we are on holidays we always looking for our bed and mattresses. Your bed and mattresses are the best! I have to write it to you.
Thank you for our good sleeping and we wish you a lot of satisfied customers.

Zemanová M.

Martina Zemanová, Praha


I had recieved my order today - bed Diana. I would like to say thank you to your driver Mr. Kamlár. He was very kind, helpfull and still nice and smilling.

Blanka R., Klatovy

I have been sleeping on your mattress Sára for 3 weeks. After 8 years I have no backache, so thank you very much for it!
I praise your mattress everwhere :-)

Irena Jirková, Pecka