Creation of collections

Furniture with a story

Our furniture is not created by chance, it is a summary of functionality and design.

From idea to product
Everything has a reason

Our collection
they do not arise by chance

The design of the collection goes through a process that hides not only the functional essence of the product, but also perfectly matched curves. Each is like the outline of a face. Their interplay brings expression. We did not want to create just more furniture for the bedroom, but a unique place that you will experience every day, every night.

Search for expressions

Sketching is the search for an expression, the essence of a product. The design of the collection goes through many changes before a final decision is made on what it will look like.

Sketching ideas

Many variants arise from the clutter of curves, shapes and volumes. It is a process where proportion creates an impression, where simplicity amplifies detail, where each stroke moves the idea in a new direction.

Linking collection

The bedroom is not only the bed itself, but also other elements that must function as a whole. In addition to the bed, it is also necessary to design individual accessories.

The materialization of an idea

Scale model

The model helps to develop the overall expression of the concept in more depth. Already in the early stages of development, it makes it possible to prevent major design or proportional errors. It is the part of development that connects digital design and real space.

The connection of drawing sketches with a spatial model creates ideal conditions for the verification of basic creative ideas so that they can be subsequently developed in a 3D application to the final product.

Computer processing

3D prototype

One of the communication tools between the author and the designer is a 3D application. This allows the designer to submit his designs to production in such a quality that the designer is able to subsequently process the data for production in an almost unchanged form.

Attention to detail

Handmade and modern technology

Our products are the result of cooperation between a product designer and professional technologists. Production is a combination of modern CNC machining centers and manual operations. Each piece goes through human hands carefully, not only when choosing the material, but also when finishing. The hands reveal even the smallest grinding imperfections. The final surface treatment is performed by manual application of natural oils.