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When you purchase our products, you can choose from several types of delivery or personal pick-up.

Personal pick-up in JELÍNEK stores

When you order a mattress or other small accessories (pillows, spare components…) you can pick it up free of charge in our stores in Prague, Olomouc, Valašské Meziříčí, or Bratislava. Personal pick-up of furniture is possible only in Valašské Meziříčí.

JELÍNEK Delivery

If you wish, we can arrange a delivery and assembly of our products. We have several vehicles at our disposal and we deliver the furniture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Price of the delivery

  • less than 100 km 2 % from the purchase price (min. price for the delivery is 242 CZK)
  • more than 100 km 3 % from the purchase price (min. price for the delivery is 242 CZK)

Prices are calculated according to our price list of products and distance from Valašské Meziříčí. The price does not include delivery of the purchased goods to your apartment. Based on our experience we recommend this delivery primarily when you order furniture.


The price is calculated based on your delivery address (postal code) and weigh of the order. TOPTRANS Delivery is suitable primarily for mattresses, components, and accessories due to short delivery time (3-7 days for standard mattresses and accessories). Driver will unload the goods behind the first locked door. You can only pay in cash to the driver.

Czech Post delivery (does not apply in online store)

Mattresses, accessories, and components are sent as Parcel Delivery to Hand. The dispatched mattress is rolled in a bag and wrapped in a cardboard 70 x 40 x 90 cm, weighing c. 20 kg.

The postage for one mattress is approximately 240 CZK.

Mattresses SÁRA komfort, SÁRA MAX, and DIANA are packed flat in a bag and therefore cannot be delivered by the Czech Post.




If you want an unworried installation of your furniture you can use a professional assembly of our products including warranty and post-warranty service. The assembly and service is carried out by our company technicians but you need to select the JELÍNEK delivery.

  • Wardrobes, beds, and storage spaces are delivered disassembled and packed in a cardboard.
  • Other products, such as nightstands, bed bases, adjustable bed frames, chests of drawers, armchairs, chairs, and tables are usually assembled, packed in a cardboard or plastic wrap.
  • Mattresses are delivered in a bag.

Price for the assembly (with in-home delivery) is 2 % from the purchase price (calculated from listed price of the products).

Delivery with assembly (including in-home delivery):

If you choose JELÍNEK delivery with in-home delivery and assembly, the price is as stated above + assembly (delivery to your room) 2 % from the purchase price, altogether 4-5 % from the purchase price.