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10 principles of healthy sleep

Quality sleep is an important foundation for our energy and good mood throughout the day. It is also very closely related to our good health. So, if you want to feel comfortable while sleeping while relaxing, it is important to follow several principles of healthy sleep.


Ten healthy sleep

1. Anatomically correct body support

The mattress must be firm enough to copy the shape of the body in any position and to properly support it. In the lateral position, the axis of the spine remains flat, lying on the back in its natural physiologically curved shape.

2. The mattress must “breathe”

The materials in the mattress must be breathable and guarantee adequate air exchange. It is also important that even the mattress structure provides a room for moisture ventilation. If the materials and construction of the mattress are impermeable, unwanted damp environments may be created for mites, bacteria and fungi.

3. The correct mattress hardness of the user

When choosing a mattress, make sure it is customizable for the weight of the user. Only the mattress can respond optimally to your weight and the body properly supports its curves.

4. Sufficient sleep space

Comfortable sleep requires a large enough room for relaxation. The length of the bed should exceed the height of the figure by at least 20 centimeters, the ideal width of the single bed is 90 centimeters (double bed at least 160 centimeters).

5. The mattress should be firmly fixed in the bed

The lying area should be fixed (eg by the side panels) so that you do not slip from the bed at night. Experts recommend lowering the bottom edge of the mattress at least 5 cm below the top edge of the sidewall.

6. Removable and washable cover

For proper hygiene of the mattress it is advisable to have removable work or washable covers. Of course, bed linen should be washed frequently at temperatures above 60 ° C.

7. Material health

All used materials (bedframes, carrier grids, mattresses, bedding) must be health-conscious. The use of natural materials helps with its properties to best inspire the feeling of a cozy, quiet and safe place for sleep.

8. Pleasant interior color

Choose preference for soothing non-irritating colors when choosing bedding, bedding, and the entire bedroom interior.

9. Anatomical pillow

The anatomically shaped pillow sensitively supports the cervical spine. Even the best mattress loses its significance if you lie down on overdressed pillows.

10. Fresh air in the bedroom

Only in the airy bedroom you can relax fully. Do not forget about the natural supply of fresh air – it will support the relaxing effects of sleep. The bed should also not be placed under the window (where it is stretched) or in the vicinity of the heater. No external noise or artificial light should penetrate into the bedroom.

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